LoveMetrics was created by the team behind Releasd, a platform that enables PRs to create highly visual, interactive reports that showcase the full breadth of modern Comms activities.



See an example report created with Releasd.


Having worked agency-side and in-house for years before founding Releasd, then with thousands of PR professionals across the world for a decade after that, we've seen our fair share of change.

Whilst many have adopted modern reporting tools like Releasd, much of the industry is still relying on formats like PowerPoint, PDF or similar to showcase their work. Some clients require particular specs as they feed into broader presentations. Others simply prefer more traditional formats.

That means a majority of the industry is unable to take advantage of the automated metrics that are generated by tools like Releasd. 

We felt it was important to help everyone gain access to cutting edge data like coverage views, dark social engagement and more - so created LoveMetrics.

Please read our Manifesto to learn more about our motivation and purpose.


Richard Benson and Elliot Jacobs, Co-Founders of LoveMetrics