Over the past few years, PR professionals have come under increasing pressure to do better measurement.

Clients expect solid evaluation methodologies. The C-suite demand credible metrics. Industry bodies push for adherence to best practices.

The will is there but, in many cases, the budget is not.

The reality is that too many PRs are still struggling to source the raw PR and social media metrics they require.

There are basic questions that need to be answered, for example:

  • How influential is this website?
  • How many times has my coverage been viewed?
  • Where has it been seen?
  • Has it been shared and if so, where?
  • How has it been engaged with on third party platforms?
  • How has our social media content performed?

Manually scouring the web for data is gruelling and often unfruitful, whilst enterprise analytics services are complex and expensive.

This has led to an ever widening gap between the haves and have nots in PR. It causes stress, anxiety, and fear.

We believe that enough is enough.

We believe that every PR professional should be able to measure the success of their work.


PR evaluation should be accessible to all


We wanted to create a new type of tool for freelancers, agencies and in-house teams seeking a much quicker, simpler and more affordable means of demonstrating the value of their hard work.

And so LoveMetrics was born. Built on the pillars of affordability, simplicity and speed, it enables anyone to gain access to cutting edge data points that help them gauge the success of their work.


What's the process?


It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3:

  1. Add URLs of online coverage and social posts (in bulk)
  2. A raft of metrics are generated and presented in tabular form
  3. View, filter and export the data as needed


What makes LoveMetrics unique?


LoveMetrics is unlike any other reporting tool. It’s a fresh, unique approach to PR measurement:

Cheap & easy

No frills, just add your media coverage & social URLs and get all the metrics you need.

Upload & export in bulk

No need to add URLs one by one. Paste in bulk, and export en masse.

PR & social in one place

We’ve got your online coverage & social media metrics covered.

Access to unique metrics

Grab over 30 data points, including coverage views and ‘dark social’ engagement.

Relevant results only

Get metrics for your own, curated list of URLs to ensure that your data is accurate.

Pay as you go

Simply purchase Credits and use as needed; no monthly or annual subscriptions.


Outcomes and Impacts?


The data provided by LoveMetrics forms a key part of the evaluation journey; based on URLs, we're able to provide Output and Out-take metrics.

Without these, it can be difficult to understand the true Impact and Outcome of the work that's been done.  This is the ultimate aim for PR professionals. No automated service can do it (yet). But LoveMetrics will make the journey a little easier for everyone.