We're able to fetch metrics for online media coverage and many social media platforms.

Supported URL/content types:

1. Online media coverage

Links to online articles, for example:


2. Tweets

Links to Twitter posts, for example:


3. Posts from Facebook Pages

Facebook posts from public pages (but not personal accounts), for example:


4. YouTube videos

Links to YouTube videos, for example:


5. Instagram posts

URLs for public Instagram posts, for example:


Unsupported URL/content types:

1. Print or broadcast coverage

We are unable to obtain worldwide metrics for offline / broadcast coverage.

2. Linkedin posts

It's not possible to get any metrics from Linkedin. This is because the platform does not offer an API (which is how third party platforms access data).

3. Instagram Stories (or Guides)

Instagram Stories disappear and no metrics are provided by the platform.

4. TikTok posts

TikTok does not offer an API for engagement data as yet.

5. Any other platform not listed

There are hundreds of other social platforms of course - none of which offer usable data at this point. We will seek to add any new, cost-effective data sources that become available