LoveMetrics provides data relating to online media coverage and social media posts.

1. Online Media Coverage Metrics

Add URLs for online coverage and LoveMetrics will provide a wealth of data about the publication, article and social engagement of that article.

Article Information

  • Publication
  • Headline
  • Date

Publication metrics

  • Monthly visits (Reach)
  • Monthly unique visitors
  • Domain Authority

Coverage views

  • Total coverage views
    • Coverage views on source website
    • Coverage views on open social platforms (e.g. Twitter, Meta, Reddit)
    • Coverage on dark social platforms (e.g. WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger)

Social shares of online coverage

  • Total social media shares of coverage
    • Total open social shares of coverage
      • Facebook shares of coverage
      • Twitter shares of coverage
      • Pinterest shares of coverage
    • Dark social shares of coverage

Facebook engagement of online coverage

  • Total Facebook engagements
    • Facebook Shares (as above)
    • Facebook Likes
    • Facebook Comments
    • Total Facebook Reactions
      • Facebook 'Wow's
      • Facebook 'Love's
      • Facebook 'Haha's
      • Facebook 'Sad's
      • Facebook 'Angry's
  • LoveMetrics will provide totals / averages for each metric
  • Linkedin does not provide API data relating to how online articles are being shared and engaging with on its platform, so metrics are not available
  • Other platforms like Instagram and TikTok also do not provide such data - however few articles are directly shared on these platforms


2. Social Media Post Metrics

Add URLs for posts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube and LoveMetrics will provide engagement data.

Account information

  • Account/Channel
  • Handle
  • Followers/Subscribers

Post information

  • Platform
  • Title/Description
  • Date

Engagement metrics

  • Views
  • Comments/Replies
  • Shares/Retweets
  • Likes
  • Facebook reactions
    • Wow
    • Love
    • Haha
    • Sad
    • Angry
  • Other platforms, like Linkedin and TikTok, do not provide API data relating to how content is being engaged with